Emergency Dispatch Available

  • Existing clients have the benefit of 24/7 emergency dispatch for when network/server/operation systems are down or malfunctioning. Our team has IT covered – day or night.

Wide Area Networks

  • If your operation has multiple locations, our team can provide instant connectivity from one office location to another whether a few miles away or across the world.

 Local Area Networks

  • Let our team handle the interconnection of your technology systems to run a seamless operation between phone, internet (wired or wireless), door access, and surveillance systems.

Wireless Networks

  • Connect an outdoor campus or campground Wi-Fi coverage. This option is for large-scale campuses that require extensive coverage to external users over a span of a few acres without having to enter different network details when moving around the campus.
  • Indoor office or industrial coverage. This is the standard option for connecting offices and workspaces to a network connection. This option is for those who work in one particular office setting.
  • Point to point/building to building links. This is a perfect option if your office has expanded to multiple buildings within a smaller geographical area (for example, to maintain connectivity over a few blocks) for internal users.

Integration Services (One Point of Contact)

  • If you have an IT project that you’d like to accomplish or a new technology you’d like to add to your network, we can provide a consultation and implementation program to connect your project.

Computer Repair Center

  • Available at our office location.

IT Maintenance

  • Our team will know your system is down or experiencing an issue before you do and we’ve got the tools to fix it.
  • Our office is prepared to assist you with questions, maintenance, and support to ensure your system stays up and running for a monthly fee. Our staff can work in place of a full-time IT staff member or work with your existing IT staff for seamless integration.

Structured Cabling

  • Our team is more than just consultation and plugging in tech items, we have a West Virginia Low-Voltage Contractor License through the West Virginia Contractor Licensing Board. Some of our favorite projects require being in tunnels, wiring through walls, and more.

Data Backup, Recovery, and Cloud Services

  • Imagine accessing your files and other data items securely from any computer, anywhere. Our team can incorporate cloud services and data backup/recovery into your network.


  • If you need to work from home and connect to the office, establishing a VPN can allow you to access office resources securely. This option is perfect for those who work remotely or telework.
  • Site to site “hard” connections.

Telecom, Surveillance, and Door Access Control


Supported Products & Services

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